17 Ways to Overcome AdSense Ads That Don't Appear or Suddenly Blank on Blogs (Part 3)

13. Ads blocked robots.txt

Robots.txt is great for a site because it can prevent duplicate content and block site components that can make site health worse. However, if you install the wrong robots.txt then this can have a fatal impact because it can eliminate your site from search results. In addition, ads can also be blocked by robots.txt.

14. Changing HTTP to HTTPS

HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and HTTPS is the same only the letter S stands for Secured. Between the two of course HTTPS is better because it is more secure. But did you know that HTTPS can affect the serving of ads on your site.

15. Small ad ratio

Previously maybe you changed the AdSense ad ratio was not 100%. Changing it to a smaller nominal is actually good if the article, and your visitors are sufficient. If not, it will have an impact on your income and the display of ads on your site according to what I experienced.

Please change the ad ratio back to 100%:

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Ads → Ad Balance.
  3. Then slide Ad fill rate to 100%.
  4. Save changes.

16. Site not getting permission

Sites must obtain permission from an AdSense account in order to show ads. Maybe you haven't given permission to your site, so you can follow the steps below to fix it:

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Site → Summary.
  3. You can see in the picture above that this site is ready to display ads. If there is no domain there, you can add it by clicking add site.

Overcome ads that don't appear on some articles

  1. I've also experienced this problem. The method is easy to overcome. Here's how to fix ads that don't appear on articles:
  2. Make sure in the title there are no symbols between words. Examples such as tutorial hack.
  3. In the article, make sure that all font types are the same. If you want to use the default font use all text using the default font and if you want to use a different font then make it all the same.
  4. If you copy-paste make sure to remove the formatting type of writing. You can do this by clicking the T symbol with a cross 15 found in the blogger editor in the upper right corner, or you first paste everything into notepad and then move it to the post editor.
  5. Do not copy-paste images from Google. But you can open it first in photo editing applications such as Photoshop, paint etc. After that, then you save it again then you can upload the image.
  6. The article has not been indexed. Make sure you have submitted your article to Google webmaster to make it easier to index.

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