17 Ways to Overcome AdSense Ads That Don't Appear or Suddenly Blank on Blogs (Part 2)

6. AdSense account is banned

After you violate the AdSense policy, Google will give you a warning, then you violate it again, the sanctions will be banned waiting. If your AdSense account has been banned by Google, it's actually a bit difficult to restore it because you need to reapply so that your account can be used again.

Usually Google will notify you via the AdSense dashboard or email about a banned account.

If you get a message like the picture above then you need to file an account appeal and it is recommended that you fill everything in English so that your request is not rejected. Also know that this request can only be done once, so please fill in everything clearly and correctly

7. Install the same ad code more than three

When I try to put the same ad unit code more than 3 codes in one page everything is fine. But when I checked again the next day my ads were all blank. After that I decided to replace one of the ad codes with another ad code and after I checked again the ads appeared normally.

It doesn't really matter if you only want to use one ad unit on your site. It's just that in some cases too much of the same ad code makes the ad not display properly. This of course makes sense, when the same ad unit is used in several ad spaces for example the header, sidebar, and footer sections. Then when the ad wants to be displayed and the ads it displays are few then there will be some blank space.

The solution is you can use several different ad units on one page, be it the homepage or in the article.

8. Parse AdSense ad code

In short parse html is converting html code into entity code (unique). The function of parse html is to prevent the html code stored on your site from error. Besides that, parsing html also makes site loading faster and SEO friendly and also makes it support for HTML5.

To do this parse we don't need special skills, we can take advantage of sites that provide parse features. Follow these steps to parse the AdSense ad code:

  1. Go to the Blog Crowds site.
  2. Copy your AdSense ad code and paste it into the site then click Parse.
  3. Later a new unique code will appear and replace the previous default AdSense code with the parsed code.
  4. Parse html also applies to javascript etc.

9. Ads closed page

A bad blog template can also prevent ads from showing. For example, your website page covers its AdSense ads. To solve this problem is easy, you just need to change your template to a better and responsive template.

10. Not verified and entered PIN

Google will ask the AdSense publisher to verify their address and identity using an ID card, driver's license, or passport and ask to enter a PIN when the AdSense balance has reached the threshold of 10$. Usually Google will stop serving your site before you verify the address and enter the PIN.

AdSense PIN will be sent to your home address within 2-4 weeks of the PIN request process that you do. Your AdSense PIN will be sent to the nearest post office and if within 4 weeks it hasn't arrived, you can check it directly at the post office to ask about your AdSense PIN.

This AdSense PIN is sent in the form of a letter and if you have received it then you must enter the PIN into your AdSense account. Also know if you enter the wrong PIN 3 times then your AdSense account will be suspended.

11. Too much javascript

Javascript installed on your site will have an impact on the weight of the site loading. Moreover, if you install a lot of javascript and ads at the same time, it is guaranteed that not all of them will appear because your site will continue to load.

This is based on my experience, I installed a lot of javascript as well as ads. When I open this site everything doesn't load properly, especially if the internet connection is slow. Then I decided to remove unnecessary javascript and finally my AdSense ads can load properly and appear normally.

12. Browser installed adblock

Adblock is actually good and can save our internet quota because we don't need to load existing ads. It's just that adblock is bad for ad publishers because it can reduce revenue. For ad publishers, maybe they can try to install anti-adblock on their sites.

If you install anti adblock later people who use adblock then visit your site will get a notification to turn off the adblock. It's just that maybe this applies to those who don't know about inspect elements, for those who understand this, installing anti adblock is a lie because they will remove the notification via inspect element.

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