8 Ways to Overcome Google Adsense Ad Serving Restrictions

There's been a lot of talk lately about restricted AdSense ads or restrictions on ad serving by Google itself. This of course makes AdSense publishers restless, because they are afraid that ads will not appear on their site pages which will ultimately have an impact on decreasing income.

In addition to having an impact on decreasing income, ad restrictions also make the site reassessed by Google, is it still eligible to display AdSense ads or not?. Some publishers reported that they found their sites were no longer eligible to display AdSense ads which resulted in being banned but some said that their accounts were fine.

For those of you who are reading this article, you don't have to worry about your AdSense account being suspended, if you continue to comply with the AdSense policies. So what causes your account to be subject to ad restrictions?

Causes of Google AdSense ad serving restrictions

As explained on the official Google page, there are many points that cause your account to be subject to ad restrictions, here are the points:

  1. Invalid traffic.
  2. Too many ads that lead to poor ad quality.
  3. Ad placements that are attached to each other cause invalid clicks or clicks on their own ads.
  4. Small site traffic.
  5. At least the keywords are owned.

The points above are not entirely based on Google's explanation but there are also those in my own opinion.

The reason Google issued this policy is to protect publishers, advertisers, and users from bad ad experiences and fraud. Once you know the cause, you should already know the solution.

Here's how to get around Google's restricted AdSense ad serving:

1. Remove ads on the site

For the first, you must first release ads on your site, whether it's in the manual category or auto ads. The reason you should remove your ad is because your site is being reviewed by Google in the appearance of the ad. If your site is not worthy of displaying ads, while you still insist on displaying them, it is certain that Google will refuse to display their ads on your site.

Regardless of whether the ads are limited to certain pages or all pages, still, I recommend removing all existing ads, be it on articles or on the homepage. Leave it to release ads until your site has a lot of visitors and is also accompanied by good quality content.

2. Increase the quality of site traffic

As we know that when an ad appears but no one sees it, it's like you're selling goods in an empty space. Google is also not stupid and does not want to lose, they prefer sites that have high traffic because the opportunities for ads to be seen and clicked are also high.

If your site is classified as having low traffic, then you should focus on your site traffic first. But you need to remember, Google prefers organic traffic based on search engines like Google, Yandex, Bing, Duck-Duck Go etc. compared to traffic from social media.

Traffic from social media is not a problem, it's just that if traffic from social media is higher than organic traffic then that is a problem. Please fix all your articles in order to increase visitors to the site, if the traffic from search engines is high enough then you share the articles back to social media.

Maybe you've ever thought that your site already has quality content and lots of it, but it's still empty of visitors?

3. Keep updating new articles regularly

You claim to be a blogger but are lazy to write because AdSense ads are limited, meaning your writing orientation is only for money. I emphasize here, writing should not be oriented just because of money but still pay attention to the intensity of the user / visitor. You should still make your articles can help those who are looking for the information they want.

This means that you have to regularly publish new articles and inspect them on webmasters so that they are indexed. This aims to give Google a signal that your site is actually still active and still eligible to show ads.

It's different if you stop to update articles, Google thinks that your site is dead so there are no new pages and new keywords that have the opportunity to show ads.

4. Aim for keywords that didn't exist before

For one this sounds a bit strange and what does that have to do with ad restrictions? it's actually easy, when you target or enter keywords that have never been in your previous articles, this will have the opportunity to improve the quality of the ads you get.

How can it be like that ? the reason is because AdSense ads appear according to the existing keywords. When you talk about a virus, what appears is definitely antivirus ads and so on, although sometimes ads appear based on cookies or what visitors are interested in, but still the main thing is according to keywords.

If you have enough organic keywords, Google will also see that your site has the potential to show ads again because almost all ads are suitable and relevant to the content you create. In addition, many keywords also have the opportunity to get unique visitors, which of course is what Google wants.

5. Don't create content that violates the AdSense program policies

It's good to aim for a lot of keywords, just don't let the keywords you enter are keywords that violate the AdSense program policies. Examples include mature keywords, crime, drugs, or hacking.

Let alone when the site has been subject to restrictions, sometimes sites that can still display ads but contain content that violates policies often don't show ads. Therefore still you must comply with their program policies.

6. Integrate Adsense account with Analytics

You also need to look at user behavior towards your site and also to see if there is any suspicious traffic. It will be easier for Google to monitor the progress of your site with Google Analytics. If indeed your site has a fairly good development, then it is possible that your site is again eligible to display ads normally.

7. Wait until everything gets better

Don't advertise before things get better. Pay attention to the quality of content, traffic, keywords, and more before placing ads again. If you feel that your site has improved than before, then feel free to put AdSense ads back on.

However, my advice is not to advertise for 2 weeks to 1 month. At that time you just focus on optimizing your site regardless of its form.

8. Don't forget to worship

Well, this point is often forgotten, all of this has already been arranged so you just leave it to the One who is in charge of everything. Please do more worship than in front of the computer because this point will also determine the success of your business.

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