AOC AGON Q27G2S: Rely on 2K 10-bit Display Panel and 165Hz Refresh Rate

AOC again completes the lineup of premium AGON gaming monitors. The latest model is the AGON Q27G2S. This gaming monitor emphasizes color accuracy and consistency with a display panel that supports 10-bit color and 1.07 billion colors.

Features of AOC AGON Q27G2S

According to AOC, the AGON Q27G2S is prepared for gamers who want to upgrade from a Full HD monitor to a QHD monitor. AOC AGON Q27G2S comes with a 27-inch IPS display panel. The resolution is QHD 2560 x 1440 pixels. As we mentioned earlier, this display panel supports 10-bit color and 1.07 billion colors. This means that the AOC AGON Q27G2S can produce accurate and consistent colors from any viewing angle without color distortion. For color gamut standards, this monitor supports the sRGB standard with 100% coverage.

AOC also equips it with high refresh rate capabilities. The refresh rate is up to 165 Hz with a response time of about 1 millisecond. Supported by MBR (Motion Blur Reduction) and Adaptive-Sync technology, AOC AGON Q27G2S can present visuals with smoother movement and minimal blurring in fast-paced competitive games. In addition, the AGON Q27G2S also has support for Nvidia G-Sync technology. So, when gamers connect this monitor to a PC system with an Nvidia graphics card, the visuals on the screen will be more optimal without stuttering and tearing effects.

For other AOC AGON Q27G2S features, this monitor supports a pivot function that allows the screen to be used in a vertical position. There is also a Low Input Lag mode and 6 game modes for automatic graphics settings to suit the genre of the game being played. In addition, there are AOC Shadow Control and AOC Game Color features that are useful for boosting image details in dark areas.


AOC AGON Q27G2S is currently available in the UK market at a price of US$372 or around 5.3 million Rupiah.

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