Disaster Comes Suddenly, Here Are 4 Reasons Why Life Insurance Is Important For Your Life

Self-protection is necessary and important, especially since we all know that calamities always come suddenly. One way to protect yourself is to have life insurance.

Then, do you know why you should have life insurance? and what are the benefits of having life insurance for your life?

Of course there are many questions about insurance, it helps us first understand the following meaning of life insurance.

Life insurance is an insurance product that provides coverage for financial losses caused by the risk of unexpected situations, such as critical illness, death to accidents.

In life insurance there are many risks that must be faced, namely:

  • Critical illness risk
  • Accident risk
  • Risk of partial disability, total to permanent disability
  • Risk of death

As an illustration, a father (as the sole breadwinner) suddenly died, and left his wife and children. If the father has life insurance, the child's life will be financially guaranteed with life insurance.

The child will not be abandoned because the father has life insurance. That's a simple description of the benefits of life insurance that is very important to have.

So, why are you still reluctant to have life insurance?

Although most people already know what life insurance really means, there are still many people who are reluctant to buy it. Many feel it is not necessary, until the most common reason is the high insurance premiums paid.

Whereas the most important thing is to weigh the many benefits of life insurance for the future or for protection from unexpected situations.

So that you understand more, see the description of the reasons why you should have life insurance so that life becomes better below:

1. Prepare an umbrella before it rains, have insurance before disaster strikes

Life always has its secrets. Just like illness or accident, we never know when and where it will happen.

If this happens, there will be costs that we spend on treatment, beyond the budget we make. Especially if the illness you suffer is a serious illness or critical illness, such as cancer, diabetes, lungs.

Of course, the cost of treatment for critical illnesses is very expensive in Indonesia. At times like that, the role of life insurance is needed, to cover all medical expenses that must be incurred when it happens.

An example of a simple case, if the insurance owner who acts as the breadwinner, is suddenly hit by a serious illness that causes him to no longer be able to work to support his family.

What to do? suddenly lost income and have to think about the cost of medical treatment that is not cheap?

Without insurance, all the financial burdens will be very heavy. This is where it is important that we have life insurance, because the benefits will be felt when disaster strikes and of course it will be helped.

2. Life Insurance Provides Compensation Benefits Record Until Death

One thing that is certain in this world is death. But one thing that is uncertain is the time of death itself.

Have you ever imagined if at any time you as the provider of the family died suddenly? Who will support and protect your family from financial problems after you leave?

This is where you will feel the great benefits of life insurance. Because you don't have to worry too much if you get hit by a disaster. Moreover, life insurance is the right product to overcome this, namely the existence of benefits for partial disability compensation, permanent total disability and death.

3. Gives Peace of Mind to the breadwinner

One of the benefits of soul insurance is that it provides a sense of calm and security. Moreover, no one knows when we will get sick, have an accident and die.

Obviously, life insurance can provide peace of mind for those who have it, especially for the breadwinner or the breadwinner of the family.

Even life insurance can also be likened to an emergency fund if suddenly the breadwinner cannot work or dies.

As long as you have life insurance, you can rest easy because if something bad (a disaster) happens suddenly, all financial losses can be overcome, even if it comes to death, the family left behind will not be neglected because they will get financial guarantees from insurance.

4. Additional Benefits, Investment

In life insurance, there are products that also have the added benefit of investment, namely unit links. So, you can invest as well as get insurance.

This product can be an option because in addition to paying premiums for insurance, you also get investment benefits, where later the sum insured given to the heirs will increase with the investment results that have been made.

By having unit-linked life insurance, you not only have insurance but also an investment for the long term.

But understand, yes, unit-linked life insurance is not pure life insurance and investment returns will also depend on investment developments in the market.

Have Life Insurance Early on

Talking about life insurance is synonymous with parents, but that doesn't mean you who are still healthy and young don't need it.

Or maybe you feel you don't have life insurance because you don't have children even though you are married. In fact, one of the advantages of having insurance while young is that the insurance premiums you pay will be lighter.

You no longer need to think that insurance premiums feel like a waste of money because the benefits themselves are not immediately felt. Insurance is like paying for it now but the profit or pleasure will be felt later (when disaster strikes).

All insurance benefits are not immediately felt by the owner now or now, but this will be very useful for your life later when disaster strikes.

Then, one thing you need to remember, that life insurance is not bought to die, but to make sure the people left behind remain prosperous. So, why wait for tomorrow, if you can buy insurance now?

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