Fat batteries are now just a myth

The possibility of a bubble or fat battery is now getting smaller thanks to the presence of smart features that can control current and AI intervention.

Fat batteries on smartphones were indeed a scourge for the smart device industry a few years ago. This problem often arises due to the continuous charging process, such as charging the device overnight while the owner is sleeping.

Interestingly, the more we come here, the less we find problems such as a bulging or fat battery. This is thanks to technological developments that have spawned new features, such as power controllers developed by smartphone manufacturers that can control current to maintain battery health. However, is that enough?

Considering that the battery is one of the most important parts of a smartphone, OPPO has developed a solution to keep the battery healthy. In addition to relying on current controllers, OPPO also relies on AI support in the battery charging process. Yes, AI or Artificial Intelligence, you read that right.

AI Night Charge is a new feature on the recently launched OPPO A95. This feature is designed to maintain battery health by studying the sleep habits of its users. Sound confusing?

AI Night Charge works when the user decides to charge the device before going to sleep. Here, AI Night Charge will study the user's sleep habits, and control the amount of current supplied to the device. The sleep habits learned by AI are how long the smartphone lasts at night until the morning comes, and learns the schedule from the owner of the device.

When the user is asleep, the AI ​​Night Charge feature will charge the OPPO A95 device to 80% capacity. The remaining 20% ​​will be completed in about 60 minutes near the time the user wakes up. This feature prevents continuous current flowing into the device thereby minimizing the risk of a bubble or fat battery. You could say, fat batteries are currently just a myth because they are very rare.

With this feature, OPPO A95 comes with the most complete, safe and comfortable battery solution. In addition to carrying a 5000mAh battery, the OPPO A95 is also equipped with a 33W Flash Charge feature or fast charging that can charge 54% of the battery in 30 minutes. All of these features make the OPPO A95 suitable as a flagship device for young users who need a device to take action at any time.

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