Google Messages can now show iMessage emojis on Android

Previously if Android and iPhone users texted each other and gave an emoji reaction, it would only appear as a description on the Android screen.

Being the only Android user in a conversation between iPhone users is a very distracting experience. Because, some messages sent from Android and iPhone devices will appear different on each smartphone. This includes the described reaction emoji. However, thanks to the Google Messages update, it seems that is about to change.

Reporting from SlashGear (23/11), 9to5Google first discovered the beta 10.7 update on Google Messages. This update will properly display emoji from iPhone users to Android users.

As is known, previously if Android and iPhone users sent messages to each other and gave an emoji reaction, the emoji would only appear in the form of a description on the Android screen.

For example, when your iPhone-using friend sends a thumbs-up emoji, it will appear with the text “Like” on your Android smartphone. However, with the Google Messages update, emojis sent by iPhone users will appear correctly in the Google Messages app.

This feature first appeared in the latest beta update of Google Messages. According to reports, Google is starting to move this feature from the beta version to the standard app. If you haven't gotten the update yet, wait some more time as Google doesn't roll it out all at once.

Another feature Google Messages is working on is birthday reminders. Google Messages will immediately indicate that it is the birthday of the specific person in the chat list.

If you're chatting with someone whose birthday it is, Google also displays something like a banner reminding the user to wish that person a birthday. This banner also features an animated birthday cake.

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