How to create an active link in blogger comments to get backlinks

Have you ever seen in a comment there is a link that leads to a site? Or is there someone who includes the url of the article so that other people can click on it? Now this is what is called an active link in the comments. This active link you may think is mediocre and does not have a big influence on sites that are planted with active links and those that plant active links.

Even though an active link in the comments is also one of Offpage SEO or maybe better known as a backlink. Active links can also have a good and bad impact on the site according to where the active link is placed, whether on sites that have good quality or on sites that have poor quality?.

Difference between Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks

Dofollow backlinks are backlinks that have points in the eyes of Google. Google will detect these links as links that can improve a website in the SERP. So, a site that has a lot of quality backlinks will be easily recognized by Google as a popular site and when the site is already popular, don't be surprised if many visitors come.

There are several factors that determine the value of backlinks. The backlinks found on quality sites are of very high value. If there are backlinks on sites that have content directed to the same keywords, then this is an added value because it is still one goal. Another important factor is anchor text. Anchor text is a hyperlink contained in an article that is related to its content. If the content that is used as anchor text is relevant content, the chances of the article containing the anchor text occupying the first position on Google are quite high. For example below is one anchor text that is commonly used.

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Now the link above is anchor text. This article with the contents of the content is still equally related to each other, namely still discussing SEO and of course the keywords are also interconnected. These two factors determine the quality of backlinks in the eyes of Google.

Nofollow backlinks are backlinks that have no value in the eyes of Google. That is the opposite of dofollow, but you should not underestimate this link either. Even though this link has no value, it can still bring in visitors.

The rest about backlinks I will discuss in another article. Back to the topic of blogger comments. In blogger comments we can also include our dofollow link, namely by including an active link. Even though it's just a comment but this has an impact on our site if we include the link on a high-quality site as described above.

How to make an active link in blogger comments

To make the link active you have to add some code, for example as below..

Add this code when you want to comment 

<i><a href="">General Discuss</a></i> 

You can change the red text to your website address or article address and Change the green text to text that will appear in comments. After that, when your comment is published, the text along with the code above will become a link.

But besides quality sites that you should pay attention to and maybe you are too excited to hunt backlinks by commenting, but if you do it excessively then Google will consider all the backlinks you send are spam. This is something that must be considered too, so don't let what you do turn into a disaster for your own site.

Things to watch out for when posting active links in comments

Some of the things you must obey when posting active links in comments include…

  • Don't spam links. As explained above.
  • Do not post links on sites that are not of high quality.
  • Do not post links on sites that do not allow you to post active links in comments.
  • Make comments that are relevant, don't just chase the backlinks. Respect who made the article.

So in conclusion, planting active links in comments is a good thing for SEO as long as you follow the rules that have been explained. But it would be better if you have a little capital, by buying backlinks than you commenting on other people's sites. When you buy backlinks, both are mutually beneficial, you can get backlinks and sellers can earn money.

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