How to Remove and Overcome Rejected Adsense Accounts and Duplicate Accounts

How to Remove & Overcome Rejected Adsense Accounts and Duplicate Accounts – Having an adsense account but not using it is the same as buying goods but there is no benefit. Adsense accounts also need to be deleted for several reasons, for example, because they were rejected by Google, considered duplicate accounts, and others.

Google itself will only accept your site if it is eligible to be installed adsense and Google only allows you to create one account no more than that. If you have created an Adsense account before on the same device and IP then it is very likely that your Adsense account will be considered a duplicate account by Google. Where this requires you to close one of your adsense accounts.

If your adsense account matches the type of your site (hosted / non-hosted) then canceling it is not a problem. It's just that it often happens that the canceled adsense account is also used for hosted sites (, and you need an adsense account for non-hosted sites (, . So when you use an adsense account that is hosted for example and is used for a non-hosted site, what happens is that the ad will not appear, there is only a blank white on the ad space.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss about deleting an account / canceling an account and dealing with duplicate adsense accounts easily.

How to delete or cancel an adsense account that is rejected and considered a duplicate by Google

To overcome this is very easy to do. Here's how to cancel a rejected adsense account and Google detects duplicate accounts:

  1. Open your adsense account dashboard.
  2. Now go to Account → Account information
  3. There is an account status and next to it there is an inscription cancel account.
  4. After clicking cancel account follow the procedure that appears.
  5. Later when you are done you will be sent an email by Google regarding the cancellation of your adsense account. Then if there is a link for account cancellation in the email, you can click the link.
  6. Wait a few hours until your adsense account is completely canceled.

How to cancel an adsense account that doesn't have a cancel or cancel button

Now the problem is that many adsense accounts want to be canceled but there is no button to cancel them. There are also cases that when we want to cancel an adsense account, we have to access the account menu and it turns out that the account menu cannot be accessed. Then how? Pay attention to the following steps to cancel an adsense account that does not have a cancel or cancel button.

  1. Because it cannot be accessed through the Adsense dashboard, we use an alternative method. Please click this link:
  2. You fill out all the forms and to fill out your last form click this link: Make sure you login to your Google account first to access it.
  3. You will see your Adsense Publisher ID. Just copy from pub-xxxxxx (marked with a blue box in the image below) and paste it in the last cancellation form.
  4. So if you click submit. There will be a notification to your email.
  5. Verify the cancellation and wait a few hours until your account is finally successfully cancelled.

Here are the reasons why your adsense account is detected by Google for duplicate accounts:

  • Register on the same device and internet network.
  • Using the same email.
  • Using the same mobile number.
  • Use the same registrant name.
  • Use the same address.
  • Using the same browser that has not cleared its cache and cookies.

If you already know the cause, you should also know what to do? yes, do not let the points described above you do because it will cause a duplicate of your adsense account. The solution please register a new and use the identity to a different device. I also did this and the result works 100%.

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