Huawei opens Health Lab to improve wearable development

The Smart Wearable and health business launched by the company is claimed to have brought various innovations.

Huawei Consumer Business Group officially opened a Health Lab covering an area of ​​4,680 square meters in Songshan Lake, Dongguan, China. This is the latest research and development (R&D) investment that supports 80 types of trials in various fields, such as professional research, ecosystem development, and health and wellness incubation. This facility also supports research, incubation and testing programs on various Smart Wearable products made by Huawei.

Currently, Huawei owns and operates several Health Labs to develop technology to support healthy lifestyles. One of them is Xi'an Lab, which focuses on case studies of health and wellness technology innovations. Meanwhile, the Health Lab located in Songshan Lake is expected to become a world-class health and fitness technology development center that will support products, standards, certification standards centers, exhibitions, and technology incubation activities.

The Smart Wearable and health business launched by the company is claimed to have brought various innovations, science-based health and fitness products, and consistently provided the best service to consumers from time to time. Huawei showcased various research results in recent years to provide detailed information related to how Health Lab can best impact through ongoing research.

The laboratory also has a professional optical motion capture system, which includes 28 high-speed infrared cameras. The system supports sampling rates of up to 10,000 Hz and makes it possible to record a wide range of subjects including moving bullets with up to millimeter accuracy. By studying the movements of the human body and its lifestyle, Huawei hopes to develop innovative features to strengthen its Smart Wearable product line.

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