Intel Meteor Lake leak sticks out, uses 4 stacks

In a recent leak, it is stated that Intel will use the latest generation of 4-stack technology, aka quad-tile.

Further details regarding Intel's next-generation CPU, Meteor Lake, have surfaced again. This leak is quite interesting considering that Intel will only launch this processor in 2023.

As is known, this 14th generation Intel processor line will use hybrid chipset technology. One CPU cluster is a high-performance CPU cluster and the other is a power-efficient CPU cluster.

However, unlike the current generation CPU, the latest Meteor Lake processor lineup, especially for laptops, will use a quad-tile design. In various speculations, there are several theories as to how this CPU was made.

Most people speculate that in the middle stack is the GPU, while the top stack is for computing components. While at the top for the CPU and at the bottom for the SOC.

Wccftech (25/11) also reports that the Meteor Lake test chip wafer has a cross-sectional size of 300mm diagonally. However, for the time being, this chip wafer still has a lot of dummy, which is used to make sure the interconnects on the chip are working properly.

Intel has reached Power-On for its Meteor Lake Compute CPU tiles so we can expect the final chip to be produced late 2022 to launch in 2023 as planned.

In addition, it is also known that Intel will use 7nm-based Intel 4 fabrication technology for the latest generation of processors. However, there are also some who say Intel will appoint TSMC to produce this CPU if something untoward happens.

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