NVIDIA announces 2 new GPUs

This time, they announced the presence of two new GPU workstations, namely the 20GB RTX A4500 and 12GB RTX A2000.

Nvidia has just launched two new GPUs. Instead of for gamers, Nvidia this time introduced a line of workstation GPUs aimed at professionals.

Called the 20GB RTX A4500 GPU and 12GB RTX A2000, they are aimed at a range of different workloads and are equipped with the latest Ampere architecture for faster content creation, AI and scientific use cases.

The Nvidia RTX Ampere Workstation line of graphics cards now consists of six user-selectable options. The two newcomers are positioned in the high-end and entry-level segments.

For Nvidia RTX A4500, this GPU has 7168 CUDA Cores in a total of 56 SM enabled on GPU GA102. This GPU also comes with 224 Tensor units, 56 RT cores, and a core clock of up to 1.63 GHz.

Users will also get 20 GB of GDDR6 VRAM operating on the 320-bit bus interface with pin speeds of up to 16 Gbps, providing the GPU with a bandwidth of 640 GB/s. The card's TDP is rated at 200W.

The Nvidia RTX A4500 offers performance up to 23.7 TFLOPs FP32, 46.2 TFLOPs RT & 182.2 TFLOPs from Tensor. The card has 4 DisplayPort 1.4 outputs and comes in a dual slot configuration with an active cooling solution with NVLINK interconnect on the A4500 allowing up to two cards to run in parallel with a combined memory of 40 GB.

On the other hand, the Nvidia RTX A2000 features the Ampere GPU architecture. In terms of specifications, the RTX A2000 uses a GA106 GPU equipped with 3328 CUDA cores, 104 Tensor cores, and 26 RT cores.

The GPU performance has a total of 8 TFLOPs FP32, 15.6 TFLOPs RT and 63.9 TFLOPs Tensor. The memory is a 192-bit bus design with the chip operating at a pin rate of 12 Gbps for an effective total bandwidth of 288 GB/s.

And because the TDP is only 70W, this GPU doesn't have a power connector. However, this GPU has four Mini DisplayPorts (1.4) near the back panel of the IO shroud which are also equipped with small vents to let hot air out.

Unfortunately, until this news was made, Nvidia still hasn't announced what the price will be for the two GPUs.

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