Shazam can now listen to longer songs

The Shazam update allows the app to listen to longer tracks so it can recognize more audio content.

Shazam, Apple's music search app has just been updated to version 15.0 for iOS devices. The update now allows the app to spend more time listening to hard-to-identify songs.

Reporting from Apple Insider (25/11), Shazam's update notes describe changes to how the feature works. This includes taking longer to listen to the snippet you want to find the title or singer of the song for.

"Shazam is now discovering more songs by trying harder, longer," the note reads. "Tap on Shazam to try it!"

Previously, Shazam could only listen to a song for a few seconds and would listen for the specified time if the song was not recognized. This makes the user have to repeatedly activate the function or bring their iPhone closer to the sound source.

But with the update, Shazam listening time is now longer and you can listen to more tracks. Thus, more audio content can be recognized by the Shazam service.

To note, Shazam was acquired by Apple in 2018 for $400 million. The app receives regular updates for bug fixes and performance improvements. The last major change was last September, with a refresh of the offline results page, as well as added support for iOS 15 and watchOS 8.

In July 2021, the app reached 1 billion users for the first time and reached 1 billion usage for Control Center in September.

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