The Cause of a Lonely Blog of Visitors Despite Many Articles and How to Overcome It (Part 2)

7. Unindexed Articles

After posting the article, don't forget to submit it to Google Webmaster. Even SEO masters in the class of Neil Patel are still using Google Webmaster, so it is fitting for us ordinary bloggers to do the same. Google Webmaster will help your article to be indexed quickly, to check whether your article is indexed by Google you can do this.

When you visit and read an article, the url will appear in the address bar. Add "site:" you just need to add the word site: before the url. If your article is visible on Google search then your article is already indexed.

8. Less Backlinks

Have you ever heard the term backlink? if not you can read the meaning.

Backlinks are links found on other websites that can increase the popularity of a website and can increase Google's pagerank.

This backlink is very important for the popularity of your blog. When your blog has a lot of backlinks then Google will be easier to recognize them. Backlinks also have two differences, namely dofollow and nofollow and you can also get free or free backlinks.

9. Don't Share Articles to Social Media

We know that social media is a gathering place for people all over the world. In fact, every second active people are always there, you can use this to share your articles. However, what you need to pay attention to is to share your articles with people who are in need.

For example, if you make an article about recipes, you can share the article in a cooking group. It has a higher chance of bringing in visitors than you just share it on your own timeline.

10. Not Setting Target Visitors

Maybe you have not set the target visitors for your own blog. Even though managing it is important and can increase your articles in the SERP. Once you set the target audience on your Google blog it will be easier to present your articles to people.

If previously your article was displayed universally then after everything is arranged your article might focus more on showing only a few countries or even one country like Indonesia

11. Lack of Site and Content Optimization

Blog optimization itself is mandatory if you want your blog to be on the top search. There are two types of optimization, namely On-Page and Off-Page.

12. Too Much Optimization

Optimization is important and necessary for your blog. It's a different story if you optimize too much. Google will think it's all spam, and ultimately have an impact on your blog. Examples of spamming that is often done by lay bloggers are repeating too many keywords, pinging articles many times, irregular backlinks, and so on. So make sure you don't over-optimize.

13. Use Traffic Exchange Sites

Traffic Exchange sites such as hitleap, hit4hit, 10Khits and many more sites that provide other traffic exchanges. Using this will help increase the number of your visitors and you don't have to worry about being considered spam by Google because the visitors are real humans or real humans, not robots like Jingling.

14. Your Blog Is Affected by Google Sandbox

Google will remove your article or site from the search engine or at least if today your article is on the first page and tomorrow it turns out to be on page 5-10 or even on the last page. This is one of the Google Sandbox effects. It is very detrimental, but you can still overcome this it just may take a long time.

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