The Impact of Consumption of Energy Drinks for Your Heart

Energy drinks are often people's choice after exercising or undergoing other strenuous activities. In addition to relieving thirst, this drink was chosen because it is considered to accelerate the body's recovery from fatigue. However, did you know that energy drinks can have an impact on the heart? What is the impact like? Come on, find out the answer in the following review!

Impact of energy drinks on the heart

Most energy drinks contain caffeine, taurine, guaran, and various other stimulants. Well, the content of these substances makes your body more fresh, energetic, and full of stamina. It also makes the brain more focused and alert to the surrounding environment.

Although it looks beneficial, you may not realize that this type of drink actually has a bad effect on the body. This adverse effect is mainly due to the high content of caffeine in energy drinks.

When compared to a cup of coffee, energy drinks contain 5 times more caffeine. In fact, just drinking a cup of coffee sometimes makes your heart flutter. Imagine if you consume 5 cups of coffee at once, the effect will certainly be much worse than that.

Caffeine is declared safe if consumed in small amounts, for example in a glass of tea or coffee. However, if the caffeine content is more than 400 milligrams (mg), then this can be dangerous for heart health.

Consumption of energy drinks that contain caffeine can have an impact on the heart in a number of ways, including:

  • In people who consume it less frequently, caffeine can cause systolic blood pressure (the top number in your blood pressure reading) to increase in the short term by as much as 10 points. Meanwhile, for people who can consume caffeinated beverages, this effect is much less.
  • Caffeine in energy drinks can have an impact on the heart because it acts on enzymes in the heart that stimulate the intensity of heart contractions.
  • The content of caffeine can facilitate the release of natural hormones that act on the heart to release the hormone norepinephrine. This hormone produces a stimulating effect similar to adrenaline.
  • Caffeine can also increase the amount of calcium in the cells in the heart. It should be noted that all cells involved in cardiac pressure and relaxation are regulated by calcium, its increase can affect the pumping work of the heart.

According to a study published in the journal The Annals of Pharmacotherapy, on average after consuming energy drinks they will experience an increase in heart rate of 5-7 beats per minute.

In addition to caffeine, the taurine content in energy drinks can also burden the heart. Taurine contains sulfur and protein which, when accumulated in the body, will make it difficult for the kidneys to filter them.

The more taurine in the body, the more calcium will accumulate in the heart. As a result, your heartbeat becomes irregular and can trigger a heart attack, even sudden cardiac death.

This is evidenced again in a study conducted by the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. This study explores the health issues associated with energy drinks.

The results show a link between health problems, such as arrhythmias, hypertension, heart attacks, and strokes if energy drinks are consumed in large quantities.

Be aware of the impact of energy drinks on heart health

For some people, energy drinks may not have a detrimental effect on the heart. This condition may be felt more in people who are accustomed to consuming caffeinated drinks on a regular basis.

However, that does not mean the impact of this energy drink should be underestimated. In certain people, after consuming energy drinks, symptoms will appear palpitations (heart palpitations) or an irregular heartbeat.

Seeing the effects of energy drinks that may be dangerous, health experts urge people with hypertension or heart disease to be careful in consuming this type of drink. Likewise with people with kidney disease. The patient needs to do further consultation if he wants to consume this type of drink.

Occasionally consuming energy drinks is actually not a problem. It's just that the intake needs to be considered and don't make this a habit. It is better to meet fluid needs with water, fruit juice, or infused water. This line of drinks is much healthier for you and your family at home.

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