This electric bike has a range of 186 miles thanks to the use of two different types of batteries

You're looking at a motorcycle with a hybrid powertrain. For those who are intrigued by its diminutive stature and wonder where the vehicle's engine and motor have been squeezed, the truth is a little more complicated – it's actually a fully electric hybrid.

The NAWA Racer uses two different types of batteries, a combination of conventional lithium-ion cells and ultracapacitors, to power the vehicle. It's the "next-generation, nano-based ultracapacitors" from NAWA, no less.

With a range of 300km (186 miles), it would be impressive in a small hatchback, let alone on a slinky little sports bike, and that is exactly what it is.

The company, NAWA, is based in France, and the Racer was created with funding from the European Innovation Institute. However, the design is distinctly British, with the bike sketched out by the Coventry-based Envisage Group. No less than the men and women who put this 300mph Lamborghini on the road.

"The NAWA Racer is our vision for the electric motorcycle of the future," says Pascal Boulanger, the company's founder, who has the wonderfully named Pascal Boulanger. "It's a retro café racer-inspired machine, but it's also completely modern, and it's also a blueprint for the future," says the designer.

If you like what you hear but aren't a fan of transportation that is prone to tipping over, we've been assured that NAWA's hybrid battery technology is scalable and could be used to power automobiles as well...

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