This modder is for RTX 2060 with 12GB VRAM

Tired of waiting for NVIDIA's latest GPU refresh, a modder from Russia made his RTX 2060 have 12GB of VRAM.

NVIDIA is rumored to be launching a new line of GPUs in the near future. One of the GPUs they launched is the GeForce RTX 2060, but it has 12GB of VRAM.

Specs-wise, the only thing that will change in this GPU is the VRAM, which was only 6GB which was doubled to 12GB. Other than that it's still the same without any changes.

This GPU is rumored to be launching in early 2022. However, a Russian YouTuber can't wait to test it using the modified GPU.

Reported from Tom's Hardware (24/11), that the YouTuber did an experiment by replacing the VRAM in his RTX 2060 with 12GB of VRAM. He uses Samsung's chip to do this.

Surprisingly, he managed to make his RTX 2060 which used to have 6GB of VRAM to 12GB. This proves that NVIDIA could actually launch a GPU with a different RAM configuration.

However, keep in mind that this is not the first time the YouTuber has taken this action. Previously, he had also changed the VRAM of the standard RTX 2070 and RTX 3070 to have 16GB of VRAM.

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