Tips for Quickly Indexing the Latest Google Articles

Honestly, quality articles will be indexed quickly and have good rankings. So most importantly, make quality articles!. If you feel you have met the main requirements, then continue to follow the steps below.

1. Submit articles to Google Webmaster

You can submit articles to Google Webmasters and ask for indexing. This is so that the article you just created can be immediately recognized by Google, different if you don't submit an article then Google will not know whether your site has new content or not? this is why Google takes so long to crawl it.

Here's how to submit articles to Google Webmasters:

  • Sign in to Google Search Console.
  • You will see a url inspection like the image above, please copy the article you want to index then paste it in that column and press enter.
  • Because I include an indexed article, I don't need to re-index unless there is a change in the article. You can directly click “Request Indexing” → verify captcha. For more details, see the image below.
  • Then just wait until the article is indexed by itself. My experience using Webmaster articles will be indexed 90% faster than usual. Even the articles that I made were indexed by Google in just 8 seconds but it could take hours.

2. Submit Sitemap to Webmaster

Sitemap or Sitemap is a list of successfully published articles on your site, all new articles will be listed there. If you include a Sitemap on the Webmaster then when there is a new article Google will automatically detect an update on the site.

Here's how to submit a sitemap to Google Webmasters:

  • Still on Google Webmaster / Search Console.
  • Then on the index menu select Sitemap.
  • Type sitemap.xml, atom.xml, and feeds/posts/default?orderby=updated and click Submit (one by one).

3. Use internal links

Search Engines crawl page by page through internal links / anchor text. When you insert an internal link in an article, Google will also crawl the link, is it active or not?. Some important points that you should pay attention to in inserting internal links:

  • Insert internal links that are only relevant to the article.
  • Do not insert links to untrusted sites (low authority) unless your site is a site that already has more points in the eyes of Google.
  • Do not let you insert a dead link.
  • Use rail nofollow if you don't want internal links to be rated by Google.

4. Delete broken links or articles

When your site has a lot of broken links on the search engine then Google will also assume that your site is an unhealthy site. The solution you have to delete either the link or the broken article.

Examples of pages and links that must be removed are those that lead to "Error 404 Not Found". Of course, because those that lead to a 404 page are guaranteed to be deleted, not found or lost.

5. Share articles to social media

Social media is a place where all human beings gather at the same time. You can take advantage of this opportunity, when you share articles on social media then many of them visit your site.

Google itself will assume that many people like the content that you create, therefore Google will provide an index faster than usual. But you need to remember, share your article according to the field. Never share cooking articles on automotive groups.

6. Share articles on sites that have high traffic

After social media, share it on sites that have high traffic such as Kaskus, Quora, Reddit and don't forget to add internal links to these sites. But of course on that site you are required to write an article or review first and then at the end you can insert a link that leads to your site's article.

7. Get backlinks from other sites

As I have explained that Search Engines crawl page by page through internal links / anchor text. Then you can also get internal links from other sites.

Some tips you can try to get links from other sites:

  • Do guest posts or publish articles on other people's sites that have high authority and are certainly relevant.
  • Exchange links with bloggers, as listed on this site.
  • Make quality articles, when your articles are indeed useful, not a few bloggers will provide backlinks to the articles you create.
  • Buy backlinks.

8. Ping articles

This article ping is not much different when we submit articles to Google Webmasters, it's just that this ping is a signal for Google to know that there are actually new articles on your site. Use pinging this article fairly and don't overdo it, if it's excessive Google will consider the article spam and will never index it or even enter the Google Sandbox list.

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