How To Use 123RF Premium In October 2022 [100% Working]

123RF has done a fantastic job of climbing through the microstock ranks to currently be in the top 5 agencies for most contributions, despite not having the same influence as the more established players. They typically come in as my fifth biggest earning each month. If you are a vector artist and can create excellent images, make sure you check them out because they appear to do exceptionally well. One of the simplest upload processes available is provided by 123RF; there are no irritating categories or other concerns.

However, they did add a "GeoRank" tool, which is at least optional when you upload. Images for particular areas are supposed to become more pertinent to customers in those areas. You decide whether you wish to use this function; I haven't seen or heard any reports of advantages.

Regrettably, starting on January 1, 2013, 123RF established a new royalty system for contributors that is eerily similar to the appalling system in place at iStock (although not quite as bad). They used to pay a flat 50% commission, but now it depends on how many sales you made in the previous 12 months. For most contributors, initially, this meant a wage reduction. However, sales appear to have picked up since that time, and as a result, many have returned to commission amounts that were close to those prior to the new scheme.

Review of 123RF: Why Register?

  • No-category upload system that is quick and simple
  • a strong clientele and month-over-month sales growth
  • Quick, up-to-date website with all the resources customers require
  • Reviews are often brief and fair.
  • Accepted are images, graphics, video, editorial, and even audio.

Review of 123RF: Cons?

  • The royalty scheme has made them less of a "fair trade" style website.
  • Low royalties will initially be paid to new contributors, in particular, until they can move up the scale.
  • People observe conflicting sales results.


We used to ask participants to "fave" 5% of their portfolios as part of our last 123RF assessment; however, 123RF has since discontinued this feature without providing any prior notice to contributors. They have established new contributor newsletters in the past, only to discontinue them within a month or two. This seems to be a bit of their way. It's unfortunate that they don't frequently and effectively interact with their contributions. Stranger still, everytime I've needed to contact support, I've always found them to be responsive and effective. It's puzzling why that doesn't apply to other situations.

Since many contributors are frustrated of seeing their earnings decrease, the royalties scheme implemented in the previous couple of years has turned many away from 123RF. Ultimately, each person must decide which organization they will continue to support. Remember that 123RF continues to pay at least 30%, which is still higher than the minimum provided by many other major players (iStock). And they do generate revenue. If you have a portfolio of a respectable size, you shouldn't spend too much time on 30% because the various royalty payout tiers aren't terribly unreasonable (apart from the highest few). The main drawback is that it is based on the last 12 months, which makes the 40–50% range fairly accessible. Therefore, if you stop uploading, you could fall in tier.

In my opinion, 123RF is still a fantastic company that generates steady revenue, and as such, I would suggest them. Sales of video footage are undoubtedly slow, but you should notice a consistent stream of sales for regular photographs and vectors, particularly vectors.

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