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Everyone makes writing errors, even authors who make a living at it. Even when you master the fundamentals, sifting through more advanced grammar and style intricacies can be intimidating. In certain circumstances, Grammarly, which bills itself as a writing assistance, can be useful. This writing tool can edit for particular genres and provides real-time spelling, grammar, and style suggestions. Grammarly's ease of use and support for numerous platforms make it well worth the cost, despite the fact that its monthly memberships are somewhat pricey and the service cannot be used offline.

Enhancing Grammar (Almost) All Over

Grammarly has three pricing tiers: $29.95/month, $59.95/quarter, and $139.95/year. If you think this cost is excessive, keep in mind that Grammarly frequently gives membership discounts. You receive specialized checks for various document kinds, a plagiarism checker, and a feature to help you expand your vocabulary as extras as part of the admission fee. Additionally, Grammarly provides a limited-use free edition that tests for serious spelling and grammar mistakes. The annual fee for Grammarly's Business tier is $15 per member per month.

Grammarly provides browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge as well as a Microsoft Office plug-in and native desktop apps for both Windows and macOS (now on both Mac and Windows platforms). Through a mobile keyboard app, Grammarly is also accessible on Android and iOS devices.

Google Docs and Medium are two other important writing platforms that Grammarly supports. New features that I cover in a later part have recently been added to the Google Docs connection. For the complete Grammarly Google Docs experience, you must still install the Chrome Extension.

Both LibreOffice or OpenOffice for Linux users, as well as Apple's iWork Suite, should have Grammarly.

Starting Up and Security

Grammarly compares your writing to its database of grammatical and stylistic mistakes as well as information obtained anonymously from its daily active users. This real-time model's drawback is that Grammarly needs an internet connection to function. Grammarly currently highlights serious problems in red (spelling and fundamental grammar) and more complex issues in other colors (style and best practices), albeit the latter feature is only available to premium customers. Any of the highlighted words or phrases offer the choice to read a more thorough explanation of the error or to directly correct it.

I like how the descriptions are written in simple terms and include examples of phrases to show errors. It's more thorough than the built-in grammar checkers in Google Docs and Office 365, though the latter's is getting better all the time. The error count that Grammarly adds to the bottom of each page is also a useful tool for me to gauge how much editing I still need to perform.

Any software that monitors what you type poses possible privacy and security hazards, so you should be aware of them. For instance, Tavis Ormandy, a Google security researcher, disclosed a vulnerability in the Grammarly browser extensions' handling of authentication tokens in 2018 (Opens in a new window). Shortly after this release, Grammarly fixed the problem and stated that the vulnerability only might have exposed data saved in the Grammarly Editor.

Grammarly handled the response effectively, but you should still use extreme caution when using programs that can view and change your input. However, Grammarly does have a few major distinctions from a keylogger. For instance, Grammarly requests your consent to access your writing and shows you a visual cue when it is effective. Grammarly "is prevented from viewing anything you input in text fields designated "sensitive," such as credit card forms or password fields," a business spokesman further stated. I still advise you to turn off Grammarly for these kinds of websites in case they are not set up properly, as well as for things like delicate legal documents. It should be noted that Grammarly maintains a page about its security practices(Opens in a new window), including its encryption practices (Grammarly uses the SSL/TLS 1.2 protocols to secure connections and AES-256 to secure data at rest). Grammarly also runs a bug bounty program(Opens in a new window) on HackerOne that is open to the public.

Apps from Grammarly

On my Windows 10 computer, I installed the Grammarly desktop software, and logging into my account was easy. I especially appreciate the side panel's black accents and simple icons because they provide the app a wonderful aesthetic and extremely useful layout. Users have the option of creating text from scratch in an editor or importing an already-written document.

Grammarly claims that the only formatting that is retained when text is simply copied and pasted from a Word document into the Grammarly app are bold and italics, lists, links, and headings. I discovered after testing that it also retained underlined text. Use the import tool to add the document if you wish to maintain the entire formatting of the content (including paragraph spacing). While working in the Grammarly editor, you won't see any prepared text, but if you export the document, all of the original formatting is still present.

You could just write directly in the Grammarly app now that the editor luckily contains formatting options like bold, italics, underlines, headings, links, and lists (both numbered and bulleted). However, continuing to write in Word or Google Docs and use the specific Grammarly capabilities for those programs is probably simpler.

To edit your personal dictionary and change your writing language between the American, Australian, British, and Canadian varieties of English, use the Profile icon on the desktop software. Grammarly won't support language learning software because it is only now available in English; unless, of course, you are trying to learn English. The tabs for spelling and grammatical checks, premium writing checks, a plagiarism checker, a human proofreader option, and an overall writing score based on these characteristics are all located on the right side of the document window. The writing score, as previously noted, is useful for receiving a rapid assessment of your writing work and how much revision is still needed.

Goals and Performance are two more features that are offered. Every time you import a new document, Goals starts up, which enables Grammarly to adapt its corrections to the context of your writing. For instance, you can define your audience, style, aim (inform, describe, persuade, or tell a tale), and emotion. Academic, business, and creative writing domains are among the options available to premium customers. In addition to vocabulary and readability indicators, the Performance popup also displays general information like word count and reading duration. The Readability score is based on the Flesch reading-ease test, and these metrics are computed based on comparison with other Grammarly users (Opens in a new window). Grammarly is now more useful than just for correcting errors, thanks to both additions.

Consistency checking is another another function available to premium Grammarly customers. Basically, Grammarly will check your work for irregular capitalization, dates, and abbreviations and offer to repair them. This function can be compared to a more advanced find-and-replace option with the added bonus of automatic detection. During testing, Grammarly was quick to identify these kinds of mistakes, provide recommendations for corrections, and make the adjustments all at once.

I typed the date May 1 in three different ways, for instance: May 1, May 1, and May 1. Every variation was picked up by Grammarly, and I was given the choice to convert each occurrence to one of those three styles. Although May 1 and May 1 are equivalent, the editor failed to see that May 1, 2019, and May 1 should all be standardized (although it did recognize that these phrases were repetitive when present in back-to-back-to-back sentences). Grammarly's detection may use some expansion, as it is pretty helpful.

Program and Web Add-Ons

The Grammarly web plug-in reads anything you type online in real time, including emails and notes. Similar to how it operates on other platforms, the plugin highlights errors with underlines, and you can click on each word to find out more about the issue. Please take note that Grammarly may introduce code into the source text at the location of the problem if you operate within a content management system. Code that is incorrect or superfluous should never be present on a page, thus you should deactivate it there.

The most recent Grammarly update enhances the Google Docs experience. The Set Goals section is now available, along with Grammarly's clarity, engagement, and delivery suggestions (the latter two are only available to premium users). If you use the Grammarly extension for other browsers with Google Docs, you only get inline edits instead of these functionalities, which are exclusively accessible via the Google Chrome extension.

For both Word (Mac and Windows) and Outlook, the Microsoft Office Add-in can be found as a menu item on the Office Ribbon (Windows). You can choose to view spelling, punctuation, and style faults as well as other problems in your current text. Grammarly displays errors in the document's context as a sidebar window that opens up. To view more information, click on the specific fixes. The revision tracking feature and the Ctrl + Z keyboard shortcut were previously blocked while opening Grammarly, however both features now function when the add-in is active in our tests.

A Helpful Friend

Throughout testing, I used Grammarly quite a bit. It's possible to claim that Grammarly promotes sloppy writing, and in some ways, you could be right because some individuals will take advantage of its rigorous checks without pausing to absorb the advice it offers. It works effectively for users who are actively trying to improve their writing, but it also supports users who are unaware that they require assistance. The actual benefit of Grammarly is its ability to point out your most frequent errors and guide you toward avoiding them in the future. In my testing, I did discover the real-time changes to be occasionally distracting, so I turned Grammarly off so I could continue typing without interruptions. As a final check for mistakes and inconsistencies during the revision stage of your writing process, Grammarly might be more helpful.

It was difficult for me to discern any significant differences between the Grammarly free version and the integrated spelling, grammar, and style checker in the most recent version of Microsoft Office. Both properly recognized misspelled words, muddled sentences, and poor grammar. Grammarly's advanced editing checks are quite helpful because they help you fix all the little grammar errors, recommend replacements to frequently used words, and offer contextual adjustments to make your writing more comprehensible. For instance, Grammarly is meticulous about removing commas that are not required. The fact that Grammarly operates in more locations across your workflow is a definite advantage as well.

Both Grammarly and Office occasionally offer incorrect ideas, demonstrating the necessity for careful consideration as opposed to blithely following them. For instance, it advised me to add an article in a few locations where one wasn't necessary. However, some users might not appreciate the lack of a "Accept All" box for some of the more basic comma and space usage problems. No grammar-checking program is perfect, so keep in mind that even grammatical authorities like AP, Merriam Webster, and Oxford occasionally differ on certain rules like capitalization and hyphenation. For instance, Grammarly advised me to uppercase the word "kanban" even though Merriam Webster and Oxford do not, since "it looks that the term kanban may be a proper noun in this context."

Grammarly delivers an email every week called Grammarly Insights that summarizes your writing activity. This gave me some useful information, such as the three mistakes I made the most frequently, as well as stats that largely match what the Insights tab from the desktop editor displays. It also displayed some interesting data, such as the number of words it checked and the number of original terms I used.

Cellular Keyboard

The keyboard app from Grammarly is accessible on both iOS and Android smartphones. On my Google Pixel running Android 10, I tested the app. As you might anticipate, the Grammarly keyboard aids with on-the-fly grammar and spelling correction. It is helpful for a variety of tasks, including drafting emails, creating social media postings, and revising lengthy papers.

You can toggle the vibration, sound, and popup on keypress features in Settings, choose between a light or dark color theme, and decide whether to display key borders and the number row. I appreciate how the keyboard height on the screen can be changed. Finally, the Grammarly app allows for swipe typing. But it doesn't have all the features that Gboard has that encourage you to use Google services, including web search and translation. Having said that, I like Grammarly's simple design and don't believe feature parity should be its objective. Powerful users might disagree.


  • Fast and accurate grammar and spell-check
  • Excellent interfaces across platforms
  • Premium writing style tools
  • Good mobile keyboard


  • Expensive
  • No offline editing mode

Grammarly provides automatic suggestions and edits as you type. You can quickly accept these changes by swiping through them, or you can check it again by clicking the green Grammarly icon in the top-left corner. Grammarly opens a card-based interface with more in-depth explanations when you tap on specific fixes. The process is fluid, and it's simple to make rapid modifications. The keyboard modifications and suggestions are typically beneficial and correct, especially if you pay for the full edition, just like in the desktop version of the software. Although the spelling autocorrect is on par with what you get with a regular keyboard, its remedial grammar fixes are what make it so appealing.

The keyboard options are quite versatile. Grammarly offers basic editing capabilities in addition to the appearance and behavior choices I have described. You may choose your preferred language (American, Australian, British, or Canadian English), toggle autocorrect and autocapitalization choices, and even let it suggest contact names as you type. You can switch accounts, visit the support site, and provide comments in the remaining sections.

Grammarly Helps You Write Better

Grammarly's main strength is how thoroughly it offers advice for spelling, punctuation, and writing style. Although the premium edition is pricey at $29.95 per month, Grammarly can be useful for all types of writers. Even while we still prefer an offline option, recent upgrades like improved Google Docs support and the introduction of Grammarly for Word on Macs make the service simple to endorse.


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