How To Use Udemy Premium In October 2022 [100% Working]

Udemy is probably already familiar to you. It's certainly one of the biggest online learning platforms available. You'll be happy to learn that they have more than 204,000 courses available, with more than 54 million students. Pretty amazing, huh?

The leading global marketplace for learning and instruction, according to Udemy. Millions of students have access to thousands of courses created by independent instructors thanks to them. Individuals and companies can access training courses through Udemy, which also offers a platform for experts and instructors to host their own course materials.

Sounds quite good, no?

But that doesn't imply that Udemy is the best educational resource for improving your knowledge and abilities. Is the content on Udemy exactly what you need?

In this in-depth review of Udemy, let's find out what all the fuss is about.


  • Affordable, Udemy courses are affordable, starting at $11.99 and go up to $199.99.
  • Free Courses, Udemy is offering close to 600 free courses on a selection of topics from wordpress to fitness.
  • 30-day Refund Policy, If the course wasn’t what you expected, Udemy will give your money back no questions asked.
  • Lifetime Access, Udemy will grant you access to every course you’ve purchased for life.
  • Wide selection of courses, Offering more than 204K+ on 13 of categories and dozens of sub-categories. You really will be spoiled for choice.
  • Certificate at Completion, Although the courses aren’t officially accredited, you’ll be given a certificate of completion – for paid courses only.


  • Non-Accredited Certificates, If you are looking for an official certification Udemy isn’t for you. Alternatively, check out Coursera or edX.
  • Doesn't create course content, With Udemy the course instructors are responsible for creating its content which can impact the quality of the course.
  • Quality Control of Courses, Udemy runs a quality control of the courses, but with so many how thorough can this really be.

Review verdict for Udemy

The largest online learning platform, Udemy, offers tens of thousands of reasonably priced online courses where users can pick up new skills or hone their current ones. At the end of the course, certificates are awarded, but they are not officially recognized. All courses purchased through Udemy include lifetime access and a 30-day refund guarantee. There are numerous free courses available as well.

What Does Udemy Cost?

With some courses costing as little as $11.99 and others costing as much as $199.99, there is a wide range of prices. All Udemy courses have a one-time fee that must be paid when you enroll in the course, and you are granted lifetime access, allowing you to return to the material as often as you like even after you have finished it.

Naturally, a course with more content, tougher material, and a longer duration will cost more, which is pretty reasonable. It's important to keep in mind that instructors, not Udemy, set the fees for their courses. The cost will also be influenced by the instructor's reputation.

As soon as you sign in and have an account with Udemy, you will find that there are many discounted courses available. When I say discounted, I really mean heavily discounted. For example, some courses were originally $194.99, but they are now only $13.99. Its courses are consistently offered at a 90% to 95% discount from the original price throughout the entire year.

Why then do these courses feature in Udemy's marketing plan at such steep discounts?

Their pricing strategy is centered on providing a broad range of courses at a lower cost in order to enroll millions of students as opposed to providing courses at a higher cost with fewer enrollees.

When you break it down, it's a pretty straightforward pricing structure: lower entry costs for the majority versus higher costs for the minority. The course fees are lower because Udemy doesn't offer accredited certificates. Check out our comprehensive cost guide to learn about all your options if you want to read more about Udemy's fees and refund procedures.

Additionally, Udemy offers nearly 600 free courses on subjects like WordPress, personal productivity, meditation, and much more if money is tight. It is an excellent free way to gauge your interest in and capacity for learning a new subject.

Udemy provides the option to Gift this course if you're looking for a somewhat unique gift for a friend or loved one. You can choose the date that the course will be sent (via email) to the recipient, and you can even include an optional personalized message.

You have 30 days to request a refund if, for any reason, you are not happy with a course. Most refunds take between 5 and 10 business days to reach your bank account and are usually issued using the original payment method (such as a credit card).

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