2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali is sold out

If you're looking to buy a 2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali and take your time with the decision - you're out of luck. All production for 2024 has already been ordered. You'll have to wait until 2024 for GMC to open up reservations for 2025. The world is really going crazy over electric trucks.

The starting price of $108,695 isn't putting off many people and, as long as it stays at this level until the car is ready for collection, it can be considered a bargain. If inflation continued for a few more years, $100,000 would not be worth that much.

It appears GM is striking a second time - the first being the Hummer EV, sold out on the spot with the majority of orders converted into actual purchases. The GMC Sierra sounds exactly the same - great truck, six-figure price tag, sold out within days. It just goes to show that the market is really short on full size electric trucks and people will wait for any length of time and will pay just to get one.

You'd think GMC learned from the first time and was prepared for this to happen again but clearly, the company was shocked. Duncan Aldred, CEO of GMC and Buick, acknowledges that market demand for $100,000+ electric vehicles, and especially trucks, has changed dramatically. He confirmed there were less than 10,000 reservations available and they were all sold out. All that's left is the waiting list.

The company will work hard now to prepare for production and increase the quantity. By the time 2024 comes, manufacturing should be at full speed and that's when GMC plans to introduce a more affordable version of the Sierra EV. The range will be expanded with the $50,000 Elevation trim but not until production of the Denali trim gets up to speed.

GM already has issues with orders for the Hummer EV, the Chevrolet Silverado EV brings an additional 110,000 orders and with current production levels it will take years to clear the order list. This figure is very encouraging, meaning that people no longer need to be convinced, people clearly want electric cars.

Manufacturers spend billions on developing electric cars and millions on marketing campaigns - do they have the money left to manufacture and deliver the cars we order? Then there's the case of pre-ordering yourself - $100 is definitely not a problem and a lot of people will order from multiple manufacturers hoping to get their hands on an electric car early or make money reselling production slots or the car itself.

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