Electric car calendar: New electric car coming to Australia

Dozens of new electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are scheduled for Australian showrooms over the next 18 months and beyond. This is to be expected.

Electric vehicle (EV) plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) are gaining popularity in Australia, as more zero- and low-emissions vehicle options begin to fill both ends of the price scale.

Nearly 22,000 electric vehicles have reportedly been sold in Australia from January to September 2022 – or 2.7 per cent of the total new car market – while some 4,500 plug-in hybrid cars have found a home since the start of the year.

This is in addition to the 59,000 gasoline-electric hybrids sold so far this year – which represents the vast majority of electric vehicles in Australia, and 7.3 per cent of total new car sales. Indeed, Toyota earlier this month delivered its 300,000th gasoline-electric hybrid since the original Prius arrived in October 2001; hybrids now account for nearly 30 per cent of Toyota's sales in Australia.

Driving the electric car sales boom is a wider selection of new models – from small hatchbacks and family SUVs under $50,000, to luxury limousines and performance SUVs worth over $300,000.

By the end of 2021, there are 18 electric vehicles available to order in Australia. There are currently more than 30 – and that number will grow to about 45 in the next six months, and more than 60 over the next 18 months.

Meanwhile, there are 30 PHEVs currently available to order in Australia – and while some will be off the list in the coming months as the brand focuses solely on electric cars, there are eight new PHEVs set to launch in Australia in the next 18 months.

Here are every new confirmed plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle for Australia – that we know of so far.

Note: Quarter refers to a three-month period throughout the year. First quarter January to March, second quarter April to June, third quarter July to September, fourth quarter October to December.

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