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In 2023, content marketing will be crucial to the success of every company. Videos, blogs, photos, and infographics are the top four forms that marketers use in their content strategy, according to Hubspot's 2023 Marketing Strategy & Trends report.

So it becomes quickly apparent how crucial it is to have excellent design tools that can assist you in producing professional-looking pictures for your business. And that's where this Canva review fits in.

In order to determine whether Canva is a useful tool for your business in 2023, we're going to look at all you need to know about it in this post, from onboarding to customer service.

Describe Canva.

Users of the online design and publishing tool Canva can produce expert custom graphics for anything from social media posts and posters to business cards and corporate presentations.

Canva is simple to use and independent of the device. According to their website, Canva has assisted customers in creating more than 10 billion designs, making it a well-liked tool in the sector.

Canva's history

Melanie Perkins, an entrepreneur from Australia, introduced Canva in 2013. To "empower everyone in the globe to develop anything and publish wherever" was and is the company's stated aim.

Not an easy task, but Canva's meteoric rise to fame and $1 billion valuation in only five short years made Perkins, at the age of 30, one of the youngest female founders of a software start-up valued over $1 billion in the world.

When Perkins was instructing students in the usage of design software in her free time, the concept for the company first came to her. People would have to spend a whole semester learning where the buttons were, she claimed, and that seemed utterly absurd. I believed that everything would be collaborative, online, and a whole lot easier in the future.

So, at the young age of 19, she set to work on making that happen!

This informative and brief interview provides a wealth of information about the several guises Perkins' concept took before becoming the polished product that Canva is today. Watching it is absolutely worthwhile!

Canva is for whom?

Anyone can use Canva. Any degree of experience can utilize this site because it is an easily accessible one-stop shop for design.

In more than 190 countries, the company now has 100 million active monthly users, up from 60 million in 2021. So the business is continuing expanding quickly!

The majority of Canva users work in business, use it for content marketing, social media, and even to make presentations and logos, or are in the educational sector. The pricing plans reflect the fact that a lot of students and teachers utilize the platform (which we discuss later on).

Cons and benefits of Canva

Pro 1 – Easy to use

Canva is quite easy to use. The drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to quickly switch out and modify anything. This tool must be user-friendly, quick, and devoid of features, and it meets all of those criteria.

Pro 2 – Free to get started

Being free is undoubtedly a great advantage. This opens up Canva to everyone and is crucial for startups and business owners who don't have the resources to pay designers but yet need high-quality design content to expand their operations.

Pro 3 – Huge library

The template and asset library on Canva is enormous! Its status as a free platform is unmatched. And those who wish to consistently produce expert designs that stand out need this vast array of elements.

Con 1 – Free plan is limited

The logic for this is obvious. Canva, however, suggests using the Pro assets and designs. So it can be frustrating when you click on one of those and then get a pop-up telling you that this isn't available on your plan.

Con 2 – Can’t create unique design elements

With Canva, you can customize pre-made designs to your heart's content. You may alter the sizes, colors, alignments, and more. However, Canva does not allow you to summon elements. If you want your designs to stand out from everyone else's, this can be seen as a restriction.

Con 3 – Tough to use on mobile

Canva's mobile app is less user-friendly than the website version. It also lacks several functionality, thus it is advised that you use Canva on desktop whenever possible.

Pricing for Canva

Canva offers five different pricing tiers: free, pro, teams, nonprofit, and education.

The free plan is a fantastic place to start. Even though the free plan still gives users access to 24/7 assistance and 5GB of cloud storage, the variety of templates and materials available is obviously lower than that provided to paid users.

For $12.99 a month, Canva Pro is recommended for independent contractors and sole proprietors. Everything that the free plan offers is included, along with more features, a lot more assets, templates, and 1TB of storage.

For the first 5 users, Canva for Teams costs $14.99 per month (and then increases incrementally after that). With additional tools created especially for team collaboration, this plan expands on Canva Pro.

Canva for Education is offered without cost! Additionally, it has extra tools designed especially for teachers in addition to all the features of Canva for Teams. Through Canva, teachers may invite students, design interesting lesson plans, and deliver homework directly to students.

Comparable to Canva for Education is Canva for Nonprofits. Charities can use this free, customized version of Canva to make communications that have an impact.

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