What is Turnitin? Definition, Benefits, and Features In 2023

Turnitin is an application created to detect the similarity of sentences and words in a written work. The calculation can be seen through the percentage. Using this application can make it easier to check for plagiarism.

Not only that, the work system on the turnitin application is only by going through a website page that is run using someone's account. You can get it by renting system. However, usually the budget for using turnitin is relatively very expensive, making it burdensome for several parties.

However, the existence of turnitin is crucial, especially in the education sector. The impact of technological and information sophistication makes it easier for someone to access various information on the internet. However, there are still a handful of people who don't use it wisely. They very shrewdly take the work of other people's hard work without including the identity of the actual author which is ultimately used for personal gain.

This is usually what we often encounter in scientific writings such as theses, dissertations, research, theses, and final assignments. With the existence of a computer system, the process of tracking plagiarism becomes faster. The main goal is to suppress these less commendable actions.

For this reason, if you want to improve the integrity of yourself or an educational institution, using turnitin is the most effective solution. For those of you who are new to turnitin, don't worry. Come on, listen to the end!

What is the Term Turnitine?

Turnitin is a tool to test the authentication of a written work as a measure of its authenticity. The turnitin program contains a very complete word editorial database or archive. The purpose of presenting Turnitin in the education sector is to check the correctness of written works and the validity of the sources used. The trick is to match and display the number of words, phrases and sentences, as well as comments taken from various websites.

Benefits of Turnitin Application

The benefit of turnitin is to check someone's plagiarism. Plagiarism will bring many negative impacts that are detrimental to yourself. It's true, avoiding plagiarism is not easy. Everything needs a process to get used to later. As for the various other benefits that you will get, including:

1. Increase credibility

You must remain productive in creating papers in various fields of knowledge and looking for writing solutions without having to have an element of plagiarism. This will build your credibility, you know. Someone who has never committed plagiarism has indirectly built his reputation. The quality of work is purely the result of your own hard work. He will be much appreciated by the people around him. In addition, his positive, creative, honest and anti-plagiarism nature will open up opportunities for his success in the future.

2. Ensure the privacy (confidentiality) of all documents

Checking for plagiarism is very important when compiling a dissertation, thesis, or final project. There are many plagiarism checking tools out there. However, you also have to be careful that the application or website you use does not record and store the documents you review.

Be careful because there are many irresponsible parties. They collect various types of documents to check the level of plagiarism. However, it is highly likely that this document will be sold or misused by others. There is one way you can do to avoid this incident. Turnitin has a repository feature in it. If this feature is disabled, uploaded documents will not be saved on turnitin servers.

3. Ensuring the authenticity of the manuscript

Turnitin will verify the authenticity of the documents. The turnitin application or website is used by scholars to verify the authenticity of a writing or document. Turnitin can vouch for the authenticity of the manuscripts they review. In this way, students or lecturers can ensure the authenticity of the manuscripts that have been written.

By ensuring the authenticity of a work, the author and the institution overseeing the work are freed from the sanctions normally imposed by universities. Usually, this sanction is given to individuals or organizations who are caught plagiarizing a work. The sanctions can be in the form of suspension of positions, revocation of diplomas given to students, and freezing of certificates.

4. Advancing a country

People who are used to avoiding plagiarism will always find new things and provide strategies for various problems, including global problems. The results of his writings in the end generate a large profit. In addition, all the strategies and creativity outlined in scientific research are very helpful and have the ability to advance a country. Therefore, the culture of plagiarism must be strictly avoided so as not to hamper the development and progress of a country.

5. Sharpen the ability to think critically

Freeing yourself from all elements and practices of plagiarism will help you build your own intelligence and intellect. Thanks to this habit, a person can develop sharp critical thinking. This is because they are used to looking for strategies, writing research results, and collecting data in scientific articles in the right language. Let the brain be tuned to be better and smarter

If you are used to forcing and asking your brain to work hard, in the future it won't be a problem if you get a heavier and more challenging research topic. Of course, because you have instilled the habit of avoiding plagiarism.

Turnitin App Features

In its use, Turnitin is fully supported by features that are of good value and are effective for the purposes of managing papers. The tools in turnitin provide three main features that users can take advantage of, including:

1. Originality Check

For this turnitin feature, this software is the most sought after by students and workers. As the name implies, the originality check function is to check for plagiarism in the text. The sophistication of the database will automatically check the originality of a text or document. Then, compare it with other sources on the internet. The results will show whether there are passages in the text that are similar to turnitin's source. The originality check feature can only be used to compare text compatibility with other sources.

2. Grademark (Note Mark)

This feature is a sophisticated technology to assess and improve the originality of writing. It is possible that the instructor or editor already registered in the system will check the text directly. It is similar to Google Docs. This feature allows reviewers to leave notes on text which aims to make it easier to correct text errors in documents. However if using this, you must agree that turnitin may be used or accessed by other public individuals.

3. Peermark (comparison)

One of the most reliable features owned by turnitin is the peermark. It is a tool that is able to facilitate users with review results from fellow workers or students. Later, the turnitin database will distribute the text directly to those who have registered as reviewers. This feature is guaranteed to give you an accurate picture of the authenticity of an article. However, your writing will be published and seen by a wide audience.

Well, that's a detailed explanation of turnitin. How, are you interested in using it? Don't forget to consult first with the agency where you work or study. Hope this article is useful!

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